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How is you mood during lockdown? Share with us in minimum 50 words

By | April 12, 2020

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Isolation, anxiety, economic uncertainty, and the daily onslaught of bad news generated by the coronavirus pandemic are taking a heavy toll on our mood, I'm not alone. In the U.S., nearly half the respondents to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll felt the pandemic was harming their mental health. The stress of social isolation, the worry about jobs, money, and health, and the profound feelings of loss that many of us are experiencing of depression but after that a good news (vaccine) makes our life in a new track. Lockdown prove to be beneficial for many.


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The lockdown has become a very uncertain phase now as we are not certain if it will end or extend to lockdown 2. The concern is that as lockdown is the only option for keeping everyone safe, other important repercussions arising out of this should be addressed equally for example the most important being shortage of daily essentials and the spiraling uncontrolled prices of these daily essentials. Job insecurity is growing in people;s minds with each passing day. Hope we maintain the fighting spirit with all zeal


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