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Relationship of friendship!!

By Crowdwisdom | October 10, 2018

It can be difficult for some of us to get up the courage to confront a relationship issue so it is important for these individuals to remember that Friendship is Relationship of choice.

Friendship can feel as close as family,friendship is the place where we can get solitude,is the relation between two people who wants to know each other,spent the time together and build a lifelong friendship.

Frienfship is like fresh and white milk if u add some ingredients of faith,trust,understanding and gratitude it will colour like coffee or tea but if u add the spoon of violence into it ,it will definitely spoiled.Get to know each other.keep mutual understanding ,and always try to maintain honesty.because trust and honesty are the two things which play very important role in each relationship.We never want going to the character of those person who's stand for you at every moment of life...who care for you,we always try to find out such stupid and disscusionless topic and focus more on it.For strengthening relationship strong friendship is important which create the vulnerability that allows you to get to know them,and for them to know you.Its OK to have boundaries but being vulnerable deepens friendship.Take responsibility for your role in the conflict.If you begin to blame everything on your friend in a conflict ,you will be distancing yourself from them.

And they will feel like you don't have their best interest at heart.......


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