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Latest Updates on Jammu and Kashmir

By Crowdwisdom | September 04, 2019

The Indian Army has confirmed that so far 5 civilians have been killed in Kashmir (5th September)

The most interesting trend we have picked up is from Google Trends

On Google, People searching for the word suicide is at an elevated level. It was last at this level after the Pulwama terrorist attack. Given that there is no internet access, one can only assume that it is Government officials who are searching for the word suicide. However, it does not explain why it has almost reached the levels of Pulwama.

Government officials claim a total of 152 incidents took place during the last one month in Kashmir with a majority of them coming from the Srinagar belt.

Rahul Pandita, a staunch supporter in the first month of abrogation of article 370 and who spent 10 days in the valley now claims that the Government is being excessive in Kashmir (Communication blackout)

Nirupama Subramanian of Indian Express who returned from the valley claims that public opinion is strongly against India and most are disappointed with India’s action. The main concerns are around loss of identity, loss of land rights, loss of being special. The overall emotional feeling is one of shock and being excluded from debate and discussion through the communication black out. Some of the people spoke about increased militancy. They also spoke about more arrests on the ground. There is also frustrated amongst the population that Kashmiris aren’t doing anything – No large protests, no large terror attacks.

Overall Summary

1.    There are no major surprises in the findings so far. Kashmiri Valley Citizens feel strongly negatively about the Central Government’s move

2.    The lack of communication and the large presence of armed forces and Section 144 is preventing people from mobilising on the ground

3.    The complete (informal) detention of leadership is preventing any mobilisation on the ground


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