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Red Notice Review - All stars no spark movie!

By Crowdwisdom | November 15, 2021


For someone who watches the film with zero expectations. Here is a Red Notice review for you.

My red notice review is; Red Notice isn't a bad watch, which also means it isn't great either. The film offers nothing spectacular or extraordinary, it is just a failed attempt at a lazy casual comedy action film completely based on the stardom of its three leads- Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot. It's a one-time watch movie if you put aside your senses and go with the flow (sloppy flow it is)! 

Netflix has recently been all about funding high profile films that's gonna give them some independent IP's I guess. Speaking of high profile films, guess the cost of production of Red Notice?! Stop guessing, it's 200Million. That's 1489 crores! And even if guaranteed it might turn it back in, it's still a huge price to pay for such lazy outputs. Seems Netflix has a lot of money to throw around, but can't afford to keep a finance manager.

The plot goes with (No Spoilers Promise) an Interpol officer, Inspector Urvashi Das played by Ritu Arya, chasing after two art thieves, Nolan Booth and 'The Bishop', who are fighting with each other for the title of the world's greatest art thief, ideally portrayed by Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot on screen, with the help of Special Agent from FBI, Agent John Hartley, muscled up by The Rock Dwayne Johnson. Even with the famed Hollywood “stars”, The Rock, Deadpool and Wonder Woman all appearing together, the trio still puts on a mediocre performance in comparison to their huge names. The only performance worth even accounting for was that of Ritu Arya. She has played Inspector Das with some grace and charm. Her accent accentuates the performance to a certain credibility, which cannot be said for the other three. I mean it's not like you expect Oscar winning performances from them, but this is lame for their name! And fame! (Throw some more puns in)


The movie would have been an interesting watch, trust me, but it has these really over-the-board unbelievably worn out elements that just makes you roll your eyes so much. The script is exceptionally outdated, with con-tricks that have appeared and reappeared in multiple films over the years. The most irksome factor of the film for me was (besides the acting and script that is) the narration. It was like listening to Alexa, only more dry and fake. Every 15 min, the name of an exotic location appears on screen with the background of a landscape or beach, only to show the next 15min indoors. I mean why bother location change (if it actually happened) if it's all happening inside!!

The casting is as mentioned above, set for a ripoff (more in terms of their salary than performance!). 

I think the movie was a feeble attempt to try and win the audience with the cast and con thrills. The trailer held so much promise and was praised and most awaited. But it miserably failed is the least one could say. Ryan Reynolds is, well, Ryan Reynolds! Cheeky and fumbling around, impulsive and charming (tries), pulls off easy idiocracies with grace! Dwayne Johnson is the usual Rock, zero expressions. This one doesn't even have the occasional smile from F&F that shows he emotes something once a while. It's all muscle and gristle! The one thing that bonds the two of them together in the film are their "daddy issues'. C'mon, most kids don't have loving caring understanding fathers. But to pitch that in such a gross manner is seriously pukey. There's this scene where they are both lying in bunk beds in a prison cell, and Ryan or Nolan Booth shares the story of how his father chose a watch over him, all teary and emotional, and all we expect is him to shout "Gotch ya" in the end. It's that unbelievably unreal. Rock saves his emotional story for later, when Booth slightly doubts his sincerity and the situation demands a bond over their daddy issues. There's this one thing in Hollywood con movies that I can never understand. How on Earth is it so easy for con men and the police to bond and work together, right from the beginning?! Like, there's not even a fight for moralism. Friends? Friends! Just like that (roll eyes).

Not only are all it's plot twists atrocious, the movie "has" to come up with them every 15min, possibly to compensate for the incompetent performances! The screenplay is lame, to say the least. 'The Bishop' does not even have a screen name. She is just the Bishop, despite fighting like a leopard and administering shock punishments to Rocky men. No back story, nothing. Luckily, she doesn't have a daddy or mommy issue (double eye roll). However, she walks in and out of the top security institutions like she was born there. Takes a lot of thrill out of the whole thriller film! 

Despite all this, why call it a one-time watch even?! You gotta admire their guts to make the movie in the first place. That's why! 

Happy Red Watching!

- Sruthi Anitha Sreekumar


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