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Modi Effect: In the last 5 days of Campaign, BJP up from 96 to 105

By Crowdwisdom | May 11, 2018

The most remarkable finding is that while Congress forecasters made up for 25% of the forecasters in April 2018, in May, it crashed to 19%. 
Does this mean that Congress is losing supporters or does it mean Congress voters are less enthused? Time will tell

What we know for sure is that both BJP and INC supporters have toned down their expectations by 5-6 seats on an average in May. However, BJP forecasters share has increased dramatically in April. As far as the Seat estimates are concerned -

Between May 6th and 10th we received a total 65 Forecasts (92 Forecasts between May 1st and 5th), figures in brackets indicate data from 1st to 5th May. The Seat predictions are as follows

BJP - 105 (96)
INC - 80 (90)
JD(S) - 33 (34)
Others - 6

Google Trends suggests that search volume on Google for the BJP in Karnataka peaked on 5th May when the PM was visiting Karnataka. 

Atleast as far as BJP supporters are concerned, enthusiasm is sky high. How this impacts turnout, time will tell


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